How DreamWeaver Came To Be...
My name is Mark Etherton, and this story began around 1996 when my Father developed some very strange symptoms. A joint such as an elbow would swell up causing extreme pain and a total lack of mobility in that joint, however a couple of days later the swelling would vanish literally overnight, only to reappear shortly afterwards in a knee or shoulder, once even in his groin.

Over many months he was seen by many members of the NHS and was finally diagnosed with “Palindromic Rheumatism”. Essentially this means that nobody actually knew WHAT the cause was, only that it swelled up like arthritis and moved around his body.

Virtually a year to the week these strange symptoms began, Dad thought he’d hurt his lower back one Sunday in the garden. Within a week he’d been rushed to hospital hallucinating and paralysed from the neck down. He’d developed “Acute spinal chord compression”. Either the streptacocyl or staphlacocal bacteria which around 80% of the population carry on their skin had entered his blood stream, found a nice spot in his neck to house themselves and started to grow. Within a week the tumour had caused paralysis.

Initially we were told he wouldn’t live through the operation they performed the night he was rushed in, later we were told he would be permanently paralysed from the neck down, but within two weeks were told he may regain around 90% mobility, which over the next two years he did.

I’d like to say at this point that right from the start of my fathers initial illness, I was convinced the cause was viral, which our family GP tended to agree with. However, NO ONE believed the two incidents were linked... except me.

Dad had been in hospital for a couple of months, pumped up to the eyeballs with anti-biotics drip fed to kill any further bacteria still residing within him. Mother and I also noted that his exceptionally severe eczema which covered his legs TOTALLY cleared up whilst in hospital which we put down to the antibiotics.

Over the following couple of years he made amazing progress and did indeed regain virtually all movement, however the “Palindromic Rheumatism” reared it’s ugly head once more coming and going with neither rhyme nor reason.

This was late 1999, and I, still CONVINCED a virus was the cause of ALL his problems started scouring the internet. I had heard of a gentleman called Royal Raymond Rife who used a harmonic wave of a virus or bacterias unique vibration rate to destroy it. It used the principle of resonance in the same way an opera singer can cause a glass to shatter. But as I read, it became apparent that without KNOWING the exact frequency of a particular pathogen it would be virtually impossible to find with trial and error out of the trillions of frequencies. If people don't believe there is a medical conspiracy then read the tragically sad and TRUE story of the man by clicking here for a pdf file

It was whilst reading Rife resources I came across the work of Robert Beck and the reports of the 1990 discovery at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine NYC which indicated viruses could be disabled with a little electricity. I researched this for a couple of months before purchasing a Beck type device in the Spring of 2000.

My father was a man of many maxims, having a ‘wise word’ for any occasion. Unfortunately I discovered two to be totally true, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink” and “we are our own worst enemies”. I learned these lessons the hard way from watching my father. Although the faith he had in his son’s discovery was debatable, due to the pain he was in he was quite prepared to give it a go.

The problem was his illness was sporadic giving him good days and bad days, and the Beck Type device I’d purchased was bulky and inconvenient to use requiring the user to sit or lie down for the two hour duration of blood electrification. After only a few days of using the device though I was sure I could see that he appeared to feel better, but it could not have felt like that to him because after only a week he stopped using the device. When a joint flared up a week or so later he used the device again but for a very short period, and as much as Mother and I tried to cajole and convince him to use the device he just ended up telling us he HAD when in fact he hadn’t. Realising that he couldn’t be pinned down and forced to give the technology a fair trial, we stopped trying to force him.

Dad degenerated quickly from the end of Summer 2000 developing further problems like embolisms. Our good old GP diagnosed them in his lungs, he was taken immediately to hospital where 24 hours later he was discharged with the claim there were no signs of any embolisms. A couple of days later our GP made a house call, and sent Dad BACK into hospital demanding an appropriate test was done... which it was the second time, and yes there were blood clots in his lungs.

You can imagine the frustration which had built up over the years for our family (and indeed our family GP), watching the NHS totally fail to treat my father. He was finally taken back to hospital December 2000 where we’d had to watch a 6 foot 12 stone man shrivel into a 7 stone shell in only a couple of months. The NHS totally failed to treat, or care for my father that Christmas, he caught one of the “superbugs” an anthromysin resistant bacteria, and was put in isolation. Even with warning signs on the door and around his walls warning people MUST wash their hands prior to leaving the room to prevent further infection, I witnessed a Nurse handle father and Mother saw a Doctor, NEITHER of which even wiped their hands before leaving.

I had made the error of judgement of focusing on the blood electrification due to the solidity of the science I saw behind it, and for almost a year of owning the original Beck type device never gave the Ionic Colloidal Silver a second thought. Just before December 2000 I decided to give the material I had a good read, this convinced me that as soon as we could get Dad out of hospital and back home, the sooner we could start giving him home generated ionic colloidal silver (I.C.S.) and start getting him better. I was kicking myself for ignoring the literature I already had for so long, and sadly for the family, we never had chance to find out whether the I.C.S. WOULD have started his healing process as he passed on January 5th 2001.

It was a very difficult time, but I had developed a conviction that the potential of these two simple technologies was possibly world shattering. But I could not simply believe all the testimonials I read, I needed to find out for myself, and so the search began for someone with the electronic knowledge who could build a device to my specifications. Through a strange turn of events I was introduced to a gentleman who’d already had experience with electronic devices which needed to “put electricity into the body” having designed an “electronic face-lift” machine for an American Doctor, which tightened facial muscles. Another strange turn of Fate brought a recurrence in a mild genetic form of anaemia I have called “Thalassemia-B”. The only time this condition affected me was as a child of 11, when in a very run down state I was diagnosed and instantly put on huge doses of iron. Because of the condition, my blood cells are unable to make use of the extra iron and so a month later my haemoglobin level remained at a low 11.2. Over the period of about a year it seemed to just go away. Last year however I realised I was feeling incredibly tired and sleeping 12 hours a night easily which started to concern me. The thought occurred that I might be suffering from anaemia again and so I headed off for a blood test. As I suspected, my haemoglobin level had dropped to 11.2 again (actually causing the doctor to ring me at work), but instead of taking any iron I asked my GP if he minded if I gave my own device a try to alleviate the symptoms due to the fact that normal human blood cells sealed in a microscope slide last around 4 days. Blood taken from a person using Beck type devices for 3 months were shown to have red blood cells which lasted around 28 days, SEVEN TIMES LONGER!

I used a prototype of my device for between 5 and 8 hours a day for seven weeks. I then returned for a second blood test only to find my haemoglobin result was 12.5 - WITHIN THE NORMAL RANGE. I felt ecstatic, but when I phoned my GP the first thing he said was “No change then, you’ve still got Thalassemia”. I couldn’t seem to convey the fact that I wasn’t trying to alter a genetic condition, I was trying to alleviate the symptoms of it (the symptom being anaemia) which I had done successfully. Sadly it seemed he didn’t want to hear and ended up sending me for more blood tests as he suspected diabetes, which was a total false alarm but managed to make me forget of the empirical proof I HAD obtained for myself - that at least the claims of blood electrification increasing the longevity of red blood cells appeared TRUE. I had been fairly sure the blood test WOULD provide me with evidence because I was back to sleeping my normal 6-8 hours without feeling tired constantly whilst awake.

So the last 18 months have been filled with “Research & Development” of both the blood electrification unit and ionic colloidal silver ingestion, and I’m proud to finally have a product which should be able to be used by virtually every soul without any severe detrimental effects. Because companies adhering faithfully to the “Beck Protocol” make units which run at 4hz, the problem of “transfection” occurs. This is the process Beck mistook for “Electroporation” and Michael Forrest showed was not. Transfection is when the blood cells take on the ability to absorb up to 20 times their usual levels of chemicals from the blood stream, which can cause what sounds like severe effects from users taking substances as harmless as garlic, let alone prescribed medications.

I’d known it was important from the start to have a device running at 100hz to avoid this problem due to the medications my Father was on, but it is only since his death that I have discovered some of the amazing properties of Ionic Colloidal Silver. I’d like to point something out at this juncture. Over Christmas 2002 I discovered that “Stan Jones, Montana Libertarian Congressional Candidate Developed Argyria”. Briefly, for those unfamiliar with colloidal silver, the only known toxicity of the element silver is a condition called “Argyria” which is basically a cosmetic condition turning the skin a bluey grey colour. This apparently is how the phrase “Blue Blooded” came into being as nobility who ate and drank with silverware were gradually over time developing Argyria through consuming fractions of silver.

Stan Jones did NOT do what virtually all literature states you MUST... USE DISTILLED WATER. The particles of silver generated with our device (or four 9 volt batteries) when using 99.9% silver and distilled water will be in the region of .01 to .001 microns in size and carry a positive charge. These particles are TINY, billions of particles in teaspoons, and because of their size and valence (electrical charge) the body does not deal with them in the same manner as larger particles. Stan Jones made his Ionic Colloidal Silver with Tapwater for five years, also sometimes adding salt to speed the reaction. ANYONE who tries generating I.C.S. in tap water will most likely see in minutes clouds and clouds of white, brown or other colour flying from the electrodes, this is the silver reacting with the minerals and chemicals like chlorine found in drinking water and creating HUGE visible particles in comparison to the tiny invisible particles of CORRECTLY generated ICS. Stan Jones photo was in fact DOCTORED to make him look worse than he was and an F.A.Q. he posted is included in the booklet AgH2O

For those with concerns over the possibility of developing Argyria from taking their own home made I.C.S. there is a link in the Resource Library to a research paper entitled “The Altman Study” claiming to monitor the EXACT amount of colloidal silver imbibed and expelled. click here for a pdf file

I personally do not believe I am at any risk of bringing the condition upon myself, and over the last two years have consumed varying amounts almost constantly, ranging from my current consumption of about 100ml a day up to a pint / half a litre per day. During a period of about 3 months I drank a pint of 6-10 parts per million colloidal silver daily with no noticeable side effects at all. Just over a year ago I was testing the colloidal silver against a cold I’d caught and wasn’t using the blood electrification. I don’t recall the quantity I was drinking at the time, and although I wasn’t actually feeling particularly poorly I was concerned after 10 days that it had not gone and the congestion might move into my sinuses - sinusitis is an awfully painful experience I didn’t want to repeat and so ordered a nebuliser. Following the arrival of the nebuliser, I used it 3 times a day for 3 days inhaling my colloidal silver, and on the third day my nasal passages were totally clear, and my lungs felt so much cleaner. I’m a smoker (for my sins) and have found that nebulising colloidal silver eases my chest almost like magic at times. Since then I have actually read that because it IS known ICS kills upon contact, anyone with a lung infection should nebulise with extreme caution so as not to induce a toxic overload on their system.

I now have a testimonial to ionic colloidal silver, it comes from a friend I’ve come come to think of as a “kindred spirit” (although we’ve only met in “cyberspace”). Her husband developed cancer of the bladder and... well you can read the full details by clicking here for a pdf file

As of 2005 I am now focussing purely on ionic colloidal silver. News is breaking over Silvers ability to tackle MRSA and people are much more inclined to at least LOOK at information on colloidal silver. I still have some blood electrification units left, however when they are gone they are gone!

Safe journeys,