Ionic Colloidal Silver Advanced Generator

ionic colloidal silver

The NEW "Ionic Colloidal Silver Advanced Generator" is the IDEAL way for anyone interested in trying ICS to get started. In the last few years, mainly thanks to the internet, colloidal silver is being 'rediscovered'. This awareness is already being exploited by businesses selling herbal remedies, vitamin & mineral supplements and alternative health companies. I've seen Colloidal Silver for sale at ridiculous costs, working out as much as £400 per Litre! I find this obscene. In recent times it has become available via eBay at much more reasonable prices, HOWEVER, you still remain in the dark as to what exactly has gone into it and more importantly you are DEPENDENT upon somebody else to supply you with it.

Making your own ICS is potentially SAFER AND MORE EFFECTIVE than purchasing what may or may NOT be genuine Ionic Colloidal Silver. You may not know the EXACT 'parts per million' of your ICS, but you WILL know the particle size is small enough, the particles of silver ARE carrying an electrical charge AND that there is NOTHING else apart from pure distilled water and pure silver which you are imbibing. There is debate as to how long ICS will hold it's electrical charge for, but stored in a cool cupboard in the amber glass jar provided you can rest assured it will last at LEAST 10-14 days and perhaps INDEFINITELY. Some researchers have found after 10 months their colloidal silver still has the power to purify water, irrespective of whether it has lost it's charge. However, if generating and ingesting daily the debate is irrelevant.

It is worth mentioning at this point that two products I could no longer live without are my water distiller and nebuliser. The water distiller guarantees under all circumstances that the water you and your family drink is free from contaminants, including chemicals such as chlorine and heavy metals found in tap water. The nebuliser is also something that every household should have. The reason being is that there is NO QUESTION AT ALL that ICS kills upon contact, so when there is ever ANY sort of lung infection or inflammation (bronchitis, pneumonia, lung cancer asthma etc), inhaling is the quickest and most effective way of eliminating the source of the problem. Although breathing liquid into the lungs sounds insane, hospitals often use simple saline solutions in nebulisers to alleviate breathing problems, and doctors I've spoken to have shown no concern (or even surprise sometimes) when discussing the topic. That said, I have read warnings counselling caution to those suffering from lung infections for the very reason that silver DOES kill upon contact, and could potentially overload one's system.

There are many documents available in the Resource Library listing the astounding properties of silver and the potential benefits. The ONLY known side effect of silver toxicity is a skin condition called Argyria which turns the skin a bluish grey colour. It is believed the term "Blue Blooded" for Royalty arose due to the fact that over their lifetimes they continually ingested silver from their plates, goblets and cutlery, and developed mild Argyria. However, in the last 100 years there have only been a couple of hundred cases worldwide, and there has NEVER been a case reported where this condition has been caused by Ionic Colloidal Silver generated in DISTILLED WATER, EVEN WHEN GIVEN INTRAVENOUSLY (injected).

The Advanced Generator aims to overcome the disadvantages of running a simple "battery only" set up or basic "always on" generator. Firstly, our new generators can be run from either a 24v mains power supply (which is included) or from between 2 and 4 standard nine volt batteries which can be snapped together as shown below. These generators have a current limitation of 1mA. The reason for this is to create the smallest possible particle size. Having current limited to 1mA prevents the "snowball effect" when increased conductivity in the water allows more current to flow which in turn speeds up the process of electrolysis. The added feature of a built in agitator to constantly stir the distilled or deionised water additionally prevents the streams of electrons building up between the electrodes which are also of larger particle size.
ionic colloidal silver generator
The new design reduces the need to monitor batches which will produce approximately 250ml of 5ppm ICS out of distilled water in around 2-3 hours. The advantage is the device can be left on top of a litre coffee jar for example, overnight or 8 -16 hours and the colloidal silver generated should remain crystal clear indicating a small particle size (as opposed to aglomerating and turning pale yellow) and be around 7-8ppm.

ionic colloidal silver

The front of the unit has an on/off switch, a red led to indicate power, and an amber led to indicate conductivity (the more silver which passes into the water the brighter the led will glow.

The left side of the unit is where either battery or mains power supply is plugged in. The unit is designed to accept 18v - 36v which equates to between two and four 9v batteries as shown. The generator is supplied with both crocodile clip lead and 24v AC/DC mains power supply suitable for UK 240v mains sockets.

The silver electrodes supplied with this unit are 99.99% pure (known as four 9 or .9999 silver) of 2mm diameter. These will last many months, even years depending on how often the device is used. The life of the electrodes can be extended by swapping them over each time so they wear down at an even rate. The silver electrodes are attached by inserting them into the small fittings underneith and tightening the screw with a small screwdriver. The "agitator" is attached by pinching the white end tightly and pushing it over the spindle. A close up shows this below.

ionic colloidal silver generator

It is important never to have the water level so high that the brass connectors themselves are submerged.

It is advisable that the colloidal silver once generated should be filtered into amber glass bottles using household coffee filters, which are of food grade quality. This ensures that any of the silver oxide which may have become detached from the electrode and be floating around in the liquid is removed. Alternatively the ICS can be left to settle and then decanted instead of filtered leaving the larger particles resting in the bottom.

The unit is not supplied with batteries, filter papers or the water itself.

The kit includes:
  • Ionic Colloidal Silver Advanced Generator
  • 2 Silver Wires 99.99%, 2mm x approx. 100mm
  • 1 Scouring Pad
  • 1 AC/DC 24v mains adapter for UK 240v supply
  • 1 Set of Crocodile Clip Leads
  • 1 250ml Glass Beaker
  • 2 Agitators (stirring straws)
  • 1 250ml Amber Bottle for Ionic Colloidal Silver
  • 1 Mini Laser to check for the "Tyndall Effect"
  • Introductory booklet "AgH2O" and Quick Start instructions.

Please note we have only limited stocks.

£99.99 plus £10 UK P&P

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