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The Resources in this library have mainly be scoured from across the internet and converted to easily downloadable PDF documents.

I have been claiming that: "a notable flaw is that "deionised" water can be used to generate colloidal silver. This is WRONG, the ONLY water which should be used is DISTILLED WATER as genuine deionised/"purified" will not conduct the low voltage current required for electrolysis to occur." Having spoken with Fred Peschel from, he has pointed out to me the incredibly simple solution to this problem, deionised water works fine if a little colloidal silver from a previous batch is added to increase the conductivity. This makes trying colloidal silver so easy, as the main problem I had was finding distilled water before I bought a distiller and started making my own.

There are now brands of water in the UK sold as "Deionised" which are not, and these do appear to have the same properties as distilled water which work without the addition of colloidal silver. Personally, I have to say though that I will stick with my homemade distilled water.

Another point is that Bob Beck believed the effect of his blood electrification device at 4hz caused "electroporation" which meant users had to avoid taking any medication, even such things as garlic, because the blood cells become up to 20 times more absorbent causing toxicity. In fact the problem is called "transfection" which is not as serious but could still make users ill. It was important to me that the device I sold would NOT make anybody worse, so The Electronic Alchemy Research Unit has been designed to run at 100hz which minimises this effect, meaning users can continue taking any medications etc. without fear they will cause any additional problems.

Adobe Acrobat PDF files...
The three files below are the ones we supply with our devices or ICS Discovery Kit.
"AgH2O" DreamWeaver's guide This is DreamWeavers comprehensive introduction into Ionic Colloidal Silver.
What is Electronic Alchemy? This is our own overview of the two concepts of Blood Electrification and Ionic Colloidal Silver.
Instructions for blood electrification This is the instruction manual which comes with the Electronic Alchemy Research Unit. It describes in detail the exact process involved.
DreamWeaver's ICS instructions for use with batteries. These are our simple instructions on how to generate your own Ionic Colloidal Silver
Resources from Robert Beck
Background information on Robert C. Beck, B.E., DSc. This document from Beck gives a brief overview of who he is, and what he has done.
An introduction to the research of Robert C. Beck This document from Beck gives an overview of his beliefs.
Explore Magazine article by Bob Beck This article from 1996 describes fully the construction of Beck's original blood electrification device and a magnetic pulser to clear lymph nodes.
Proposed Neutralisation of pathogens in human subjects This is the essence of the article above which Beck published along with the schematic diagram.
Expanded Instructions for blood electrification These are more detailed instructions on how to use Becks unit, however please remember all mention of Electroporation is incorrect and our device DOESN'T cause any similar effect.
Total Cancer Remissions This document from Robert Beck claims that he has reports of many "incurable diseases" through blood electrification and colloidal silver alone.
An Interview with Bob Beck An interview with Bob Beck by Kenneth and Dee Burke downloaded from
Abstract summary on the Beck Protocol Another of Becks sheets on the synergistic effects of the "Beck Protocol".
In-vivo electrification This is Becks summary of his suggested usage of his device.
Exact means and methods This document describes all 4 aspects of the "Beck Protocol", of which our Electronic Alchemy Research Unit focuses on two.
Other resources on Electromedicine
A collection of articles These articles relate mainly to the 1990 discovery.
A New Theory On Germs A fascinating article by Judith Hooper strongly supporting the idea that the majority of illnessess are caused by pathogens.
Disease and Electromedicine This is article was written by Michael Forrest from Jaguar Enterprises, who continued with Becks research.
About Robert Beck Another article from Jaguar on Bob Beck
News reports on blood electrification Michael Forrests presentation of articles.
Michael Forrests own testimony Jaguars Michael Forrest reports on his own battle with Candida Albicans.
Why you should buy Again, Michael Forrest puts his case why he believes such devices should be bought.
Kaali's Patent This is a copy of the patent taken out by Steven Kaali and Peter Schwolsky.
Test results from above patent Lab Test Results of HIV inactivation by electric current from patent 5,139,684 (of Kaali & Schwolsky 8-18-92).
Royal Rife and his frequency generator This is the truly sad and TRUE story of Royal Raymond Rife, and how his amazing discoveries where suppressed.
L.A. Times article This article indicates that more illnesses and diseases may be caused by viruses than we realise.
Jaguars Questions and Answers This is Michael Forrests questions and answers page on electromedicine.
Blood Electrification Success stories These are claimed success stories received directly by Michael Forrest from people purchasing his device.
Resources mainly on Colloidal Silver
Peter Lindermann Article Quite a well known article, this version has additional comments made by a company called Silvergen.
How can colloidal silver help NatureŽ presents their case.
Colloidal Silver Facts Colloidal Silver Facts by Truman Berst, Master Herbalist.
Banish Disease with 3 nine volt batteries Parts 1 and 2 of Mark Metcalf's article.
Colloidal Silver the natural antibiotic Excerpt from by Zane Baranowski, Colloidal Silver: The Natural Antibiotic.
Colloidal Silver, ultimate antibiotic Colloidal Silver The Universal Antibiotic The strongest, safest broad spectrum antibiotic known to man. Source unknown
Interesting book extract on Movidyn This claims the Russians discovered a use for silver which was too good.
Colloidal silver: where does it go when you drink it... Roger Altman Eng. Sc.D. publishes his own analysis on colloidal silver and how long it stays within the body
Loretta Weston's view of Colloidal Silver Colloidal Silver; an old fashioned answer to failing antibiotics by Loretta Weston.
Marvin Robey Article on Colloidal Silver Another opinion on Colloidal Silver.
Ionic Colloidal Silver Uses from Health2us Another excellent article on Ionic Colloidal Silver, the company is linked to below.
Health2us frequently asked questions on colloidal silver A further article from
True Customer Stories - Amazing Home Cures! A number of "News letters" written by Fred Peschel from health2us once again.
Water treatment FAQ's This is a general document on the purification of water, however it confirms the use of silver for this purpose.
Ambient Water Quality Criteria for Silver British Columbia Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks gives it's assesments of toxicity in silvers various forms
Nancy Robey article A News Article written by Nancy Robey entitled "Can Silver Treat AIDS?" Reproduced from
A Healthy Silver Lining by Dhyana L. Coburn Colloidal Silver - A Healthy Silver Lining By Dhyana L. Coburn, co author of "The Wonders of Colloidal Silver"
Ions, Atoms, Crystals or Salts? Colloidal Silver - Ions, Atoms, Crystals or Salts? A few tests to establish exactly what your Colloidal Silver contains.
Biologic Transport of Silver Ions Biologic Transport of Silver Ions - rather complex evidence of silver ions journey through us.
Supressing the immune responce "Colloidal Silver an Antiinflammatory and Immunosuppressive Agent?" from Health2us
Colloidal Silver Questions & Answers These Colloidal Silver questions and answers come from Utiopia Silver.
Colloidal Silver Fact Sheet Another document from Utopia Silver.
Unique uses for colloidal silver A Few Unique Plus Traditional Uses For Silver Colloid.
What exactly is colloidal silver Unknown source.
Rockefeller story Rockefeller Drug Censor Empire The Drug Story By Hans Ruesch
Sota's results of their own ICS tests Test results carried out by Sota Instruments on their own colloidal silver.
A genuine testimony on colloidal silver This document accurately describes the sequence of events my good friend and her husband went through. introduction to colloidal silver A page reproduced from who are a non profit making organisation assessing colloidal silver. This site has now been renamed
Colloidal Silver and nebulisers Another page from SilverData on the use of nebulisers.
SilverData FAQ SilverData's own FAQ.
Safety data for silver Safety data for Silver, again from SilverData.
Basic ICS generation SilverData's own guide to simple colloidal silver manufacture at home.
A closer look at ICS generation SilverData take a closer and more detailed look at home made Ionic Colloidal Silver.
Colliodal Silver HealthVision2020 Health Vision 2020's article on colloidal silver. Guide to Making ICS have an excellent site and have produced this equally impressive guide to making your own ionic colloidal silver. article on the Herxheimer Syndrome The Herxheimer Syndrome is usually associated with blood electrification, but can apply to Colloidal Silver use.
An Explanation of Coliforms An article which explains what these generally harmless bacteria are
An Analytical Report & Theoretical Overview "Colloidal Silver - An Analytical - Report and Theoretical Overview".'s article on colloidal silver.
Testimonials from CS Pro Systems A string of testimonials from
A list of Respiratory Illnessess. Another page from advocating the use of a nebuliser.
Risk Assessment A document taken from a US Government site assessing the toxicity risk of silver.
Ambient Water Quality Criteria for Silver A document from a Canadian government website discussing mainly silver compounds. Colloidal Silver Safety's general information on silver safety.
Silver Super Antibiotic Colloidal Silver - The rediscovery of a super antibitoic?.
Colloidal Silver Research Mild Silver Protein and Its Effectiveness Against Internal and Topical Infections by James South MA
Colloidal silver universal Further documentation on Colloidal Silver - unknown source.

Links to websites on colloidal silver should be visited by EVERYONE wishing to make Ionic Colloidal Silver. They are a non-profit making organisation simply providing as much information as they can for all those wishing to experiment with ICS. Much data on Colloidal Silver by Mark Metcalf

Health2us A highly informative site offering an advanced colloidal silver generator. Additionally, information is offered for free in a genuine attempt to enlighten.