“I am neither Doctor Nor Scientist,
I am but a humble Truth Seeker.

FACT: Antibiotics are becoming increasingly less effective as an ever growing number of bacteria develop immunities, evolving into "super bugs".

FACT: Any one antibiotic is only useful against a handful illnesses, and has
NO EFFECT on viruses.

FACT: Colloidal Silver has been PROVEN more effective at killing bacteria to purify drinking water than chlorine and bleach. Other evidence shows this amazing substance also attacks viruses and can prevent immune responses.

FACT: At the beginning of the 1990's had you suggested cancer were caused by a virus you would have been ridiculed by the majority of the medical community, now in England we are preparing to vaccinate women against cervical cancer.

On 14th April 2005 the BBC reported that "In a bid to prevent the spread of the "super-bug" MRSA, the Birmingham Heartlands Hospital are investing in a new wing in which everything is coated in a special SILVER based powder". A BBC News article from January 2005 on the potential of a SILVER based dressing to save lives in the battle with MRSA can be downloaded HERE

FACT: A discovery at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine New York City in 1990 PROVED that minute amounts of electrical current disabled the HIV virus in a petri dish, and could potentially disable ALL KNOWN (and unknown) VIRUSES, BACTERIA, MICROBES, FUNGI, PARASITES AND PATHOGENS...

So why haven't you heard about it?...

Face Facts, the "Health Industry"
doesn't WANT you healthy,
because then there would be no industry.

AgH20 - " Elemental Mineral Water". Below you can download absolutely free DreamWeaver's booklet on Ionic Colloidal Silver intended to be a comprehensive introduction on how ANYONE can make a high quality colloidal silver at home:
Download 956k

Give a man a fish,
feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish,
feed him for a lifetime.

Lau Tzu - Fouder of the Taoist Philosophy


Ionic Colloidal Silver Advanced Generator

DreamWeaver PREFER NOT to SELL Colloidal Silver, but INSTEAD to GIVE you the KNOWLEDGE to make your own! The people who DO sell colloidal silver don't want you making your own, and you may read many misleading statements from them. Claims that colloidal silver made at home is unsafe or low quality is NOT TRUE, providing a few simple instructions are followed.   

For those people who require "cold facts", please click below to see
Irrefutable PROOF on the effectiveness
of HOMEMADE Ionic Colloidal Silver
at purifying water

on samples supplied to the Ontario Health Authority by my good friend Ruth.
Altman Colloidal Silver Study

Another frequent download from the "Resource Library" section of our website is the Robert Altman Study on how ionic colloidal silver does NOT build up in the body in the same way silver compounds do.

Our Old Overview for both Blood Electrification and Colloidal Silver
An Introduction to Robert C Beck's Research (Blood Electrification)
An Introduction to Colloidal Silver by Marvin Robey

Additional Note:
It's also important to point out the legal perspective. If you read the packaging and leaflets accompanying the vast array of herbal products and dietary supplements, you will notice that none of them actually tell you EXACTLY what they're intended to cure or ailments they're intended to alleviate. This is because it is illegal to make medical or health claims about a product irrespective of the 'truth' unless it has been assessed and classed as a medicine or drug. This is designed to protect the consumer from "snake oil" cures.

You will therefore notice that ALL the articles in the Resource Library and ANY you find on the internet will have a disclaimer making a statement along the lines of... "This information/data is offered purely for educational and research purposes ONLY. It is theoretical and is NOT intended as medical advice and none of the included information should be construed or interpreted as such".

This equally applies to my entire site, and this is why you are being invited to become a "health researcher" assessing for yourself the potential of what both the blood electrification and Ionic Colloidal Silver could do for you.